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I am a recovering People-Pleaser and often take things personally.


Going Through A Transition?

  • You feel unsure about the future, leading to anxiety and stress.
  • You struggle with feelings of insecurity, fear of the unknown, and doubts about their abilities to navigate the transition successfully.
  • You lack clarity about your goals, priorities, and the steps needed to move forward.
  • You feel overwhelmed by the multitude of choices and unsure about which direction to take in their new beginning.
  • Your transition trigger a range of emotions, including sadness, grief, frustration, and even excitement.
  • You struggle to manage these emotions effectively, leading to mood swings, low motivation, or difficulties in maintaining positive relationships.

Transition Steps

Tailored for individuals navigating challenging transitions

Letting go

Navigating transitions amidst change entails recognizing that it commences with closure or loss. Individuals are saying goodbye to familiar things, which may evoke emotions such as anger, denial, confusion, and frustration.

Neutral Zone

This stage marks the point where individuals have successfully shed negativity associated with departing from the old process and are now assimilating new information regarding the change. It’s a period characterized by flux, accompanied by emotions like excitement, anxiety, resistance, creativity, and innovation.

New Beginning

This phase embodies a surge of power and energy directed towards the new path. It signifies solidifying fresh approaches and integrating them as the established norm. Emotions experienced during this stage may encompass relief, confusion, uncertainty, commitment, and exploration.

Hi! I am Yoshie!

I am a Transition Coach who is passionate about helping others transition with ease.

Life is full of transitions, and I understand that can be overwhelming and sometimes even scary. My heart is filled with excitement as I embark on this journey to guide and support you through your personal transformations.

At Lotus Flower Journeys, I believe that every transition holds the potential for growth, resilience, and empowerment. I have witnessed firsthand the joy and fulfillment that comes from not just surviving but thriving in times of change. It is my deepest desire to share my knowledge, experience, and unwavering support to help you embrace your transitions with courage and confidence. Together, let’s discover the beauty in transformation and create a life filled with purpose, passion, and possibility.

“You are such a good listener, and really slow down to be present and to understand what I am going through. You have a very calm way of coaching which makes me feel more calm. I could tell that you were always very present with me, and I always had your full attention which made me feel comfortable opening up in our sessions and to the coaching process.”

M. K.

“Yoshie was really great to work with. Not only was she able to make me feel comfortable, but she was also able to ask questions that helped me shift my perspective on challenges that I faced. In addition to that, whenever I felt stuck, she was always willing to offer up creative solutions to help brainstorm to get me unstuck and continue moving forward!”

C. T.

“I have always believed in the saying, “Change your thinking, change your life.” My sessions with Yoshie were very helpful in changing my negative and unproductive thoughts into positive and confident thoughts and actions. She has some very useful tools to facilitate that change, and her gentle and compassionate coaching made me feel so much better about myself. Her tools gave me the boost to stand up for myself and trust in myself.”

C. C.

“I highly recommend Yoshie as she’s provided exceptional value in her ability to assess situations quickly and offer concrete plans of action to enable successful growth. She is very empathic and professional. My sessions with her helped me truly move forward with life. Yoshie was there to guide me in the right direction. She impacted my life in ways I did not expect, she provided knowledge and skills. The sessions were above and beyond my expectations.”

G. N.

Kind Words from Clients

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