Bilingual (English/Japanese) Operations Manager

Helping business owners to run and improve their operations in Japan

Hi, I’m Yoshie. I am the owner of Lotus Flower Journeys.

Nice to meet you!

I help business owners run and improve their operations by communicating with Japanese clients and vendors in order to build strong, successful business partnerships. I serve as a liaison and facilitate strong connections between English and Japanese speaking business professionals. My diverse background in small business, technology, and marketing makes me uniquely qualified to assist you in all areas of business operations.


Who do I work with?

I work with business owners who are getting ready for a business or product launch in Japan, or those that have already expanded business there and are not familiar with the language or culture. There are a wide variety of communication gaps that can arise from differences in cultural values and assumptions, business customs, and language, so bridging that gap is crucial.


Why Am I Different?

I grew up in Japan and have worked for both Japanese and American companies. I know the language, culture, and business customs very well. The Japanese have different communication styles than Westerners. Over the past two decades, I have gained a broad knowledge of small business operations. I can help to save money, ease stress, and grow your business in Japan.

5-10 hours/week Business Support

Operational management

Up to 30 hours/week Business Support

Operational management ・ Document/Web Content/Social Media translation ・ Social Media management ・ Research


What they say…

Yoshie has been an integral part of our team for the last four months and her work ethic and attention to detail is second to none. Working on a challenging and oftentimes colourful project, Yoshie has taken it in her stride and delivered consistently excellent results. Yoshie has taken the time to understand our product in great detail through her own initiatives which has enabled a high level of communication with our clients. Always happy to help when called upon, even if it is after hours, on a weekend or holiday which has been a huge help to our business. I can’t recommend Yoshie’s services enough and look forward to the many more years to come working together. Thank you, Yoshie!

Tim B.

Yoshie is hardworking and enthusiastic! I was able to work closely with her for many years in the technology arena. I repeatedly witnessed her dedication, drive and expertise. She demonstrated intellect in areas where she was proficient and asked appropriate clarifying questions when necessary. Along with her business skills, Yoshie exudes kindness, compassion and understanding. She uses these skills to communicate effectively with people. Relationships are important to her. You can trust that she will do her very best to insure a job well done!

Melissa M.​

I enlisted Yoshie to help me set up a blog that grew into a much larger website as the project developed. Nothing phases Yoshie. She is flexible, hardworking, dependable, incredibly intelligent, and persistent. If I asked a question, she found an answer. The best part working with Yoshie is the positive energy she brings to the project. She makes you feel like anything is possible. I look forward to my next opportunity to work with her.

Sara W.

Working with Yoshie is a pleasure. She listens with focused attention to the initial idea, asks a few questions, makes some artful suggestions; at the computer, her knowledge and skills are evident. While the project is under way, Yoshie checks for input, as she likes doing a complete and perfect job, and shows enthusiasm for it too! Both the graceful process and the final result are highly pleasing; I greatly recommend Yoshie.

Jacqueline M.​

I had the pleasure to work alongside Yoshie in her former employment venture. She maintains a sense of calmness, remaining un-phased even in stressful, deadline-oriented situations. Yoshie exudes compassion for others and aims to please. She holds a strong technology hand is willing to pursue all levels of requests and tasks. Yoshie is a pleasure to work with!

Corry A.

Yoshie is amazing to work with. From start to finish she has been hard working, diligent, extremely organized and on top of her game. Her language skills and communication were vital to the success of an international project our company is running. We wouldn’t have been able to do it without her and we’re excited to continue to work with her as we grow. Hard workers like her are a major asset to any growing business!

Eli F.

Yoshie brings dedication, responsibility, quality and follow through to her projects. She was accessible, open to feedback, dependable, met deadlines and joyful to work alongside.

Abby F.​​

I worked with Yoshie for several years while she was in one of her previous jobs. She demonstrated herself to be smart, hard working, reliable, and always honest. If she cannot do something, she will tell you; if she can do something, she will do it. You can count on her.

Steve B.

If you are...

  • You are preparing for a business or product launch in Japan but do not speak, read, or understand Japanese.

  • You have expanded your business in Japan but want to improve your communications with Japanese clients and vendors.

  • You are looking for an expert to help run and improve your business in Japan.

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